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The 25 Best LGBT Novels of All Time

best gay books

The world of gay romance novels is, if not quite as vast as the world of m/f romance, still quite expansive. Are you looking for a royal-commoner romance? A fake marriage? Something dark and gritty, or something that’s the literary equivalent of a basket of puppies? Whatever it is that floats your

16 LGBT Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

best gay books

I love reading end of year lists, but I tend to have an issue with them—the same issue I usually have in life: could be gayer. Could be more queer! Luckily, the Book Riot community reads a ton of LGBTQ+ lit, so this post is to gather up our favourite queer books published in 2017, all in one place

Best LGBTQ Books To Read During Gay Pride Month 2019

best gay books

In an effort to facilitate more discussion about books reviewed here, we will be giving away the eBook of your choice every Sunday… READ MORE October 27, 2019 winner: Jen !

Paul Burston's top 10 gay fiction books | Books | The Guardian

best gay books

Discover the best LGBT Books in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers.

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There are few things more satisfying than seeing oneself reflected in literature. And with increasing threats to civil liberties, representation matters more than ever. This year offers a veritable rainbow-colored cornucopia of the best LGBTQ books, including novels, memoirs, and poetry. We've got a a dazzling memoir by figure skater Adam

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Co-written with Nico Lang. 1. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin (Zach’s Pick). This was James Baldwin’s second novel, and probably one of his most well known pieces of works.

The Best LGBT Books of All Time - The Good Men Project

best gay books

Paul Burston is a journalist and writer. His first novel, Shameless, was described by Will Self as "the sharp truth about gay London" and is now available in paperback. Wilde is often credited

Best Erotic Books 2019 Sexy Romance Novels For Adults

best gay books

The 10 Best Queer Books of 2018 We haven’t had a definitive gay epic since A Little Life, and stay constantly starved for a good one. Even though this book was also written by a straight

Best Gay Fiction (1802 books)

Yes Brad. I was puzzled by the non-gay Yukio Mishima novels too. Mishima was probably gay but that doesn't mean everything he wrote was gay fiction. Even his books like "Forbidden Colours" or "Confessions of a Mask" that have gay characters I didn't vote for even though I thought they were very good. They don't fit my idea of gay fiction.