butters dad gay

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butters dad gay

Butters Stotch Quotes (Chris Stotch is walked in on by Butters while masturbating in a gay bathhouse private room) Chris: AHH! Butters! Butters: Bu-bu-bu Dad I-I didn-

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Comedy central Butters finds out his dad is gay. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading Close. This video is unavailable. Butter's dad is gay -Southpark FunnyTvThings. Loading

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Butters sees his dad go to a gay porno theater and a bath house, where he "wrestles" with some men. Of course, Butters is oblivious to what this really means – but he has enough details to tell


Of course, in the episode South Park is gay, everyone starts dressing like a metro-sexual, but you can't place that only on Butters. Most recently, in Butters Bottom B*tch, Butters has his first real kiss with a girl who charges for kisses behind the school and soon Butters starts and prostitution ring where he seems to really enjoy the ladies

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butters dad gay

dad ? dad ! you wrestling in here ? dad ? this room's taken. oh, pardon me, sirs. dad ? no. hmm. ah, butters ! hi, dad ! oh god ! i'm glad i found ya. i think i know the perfectanniversary present for mom. what are you doing with yourwiener out there, dad ? butters, you need toleave here right now. you need toget out of here. go home and wait

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[South Park] Eric Cartman is secretly gay FanTheory In season 5 episode 2,Mr. Garrison(a homosexual) keeps saying the F word that has a G and an A but not in that order in it.

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Stephen Willis Stotch, also known as Chris, is Butters' abusive father as well as Linda Stotch's husband. In "Butters' Very Own Episode", Stephen is revealed to be bi-curious, in that he likes women, but he is seen going to a gay men's bathhouse to perform homosexual activities.

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His mom tried to murder him and his dad conspired with her to blame it on a Puerto Rican guy. They're awful people. Butters is basically the opposite of Cartman. Cartman is a fat, spoiled, evil child, with a loving mom, and he never gets in trouble. Butters is not spoiled, and he's a good kid, but is constantly punished for no reason.

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Directed by Eric Stough. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, John 'Nancy' Hansen, Mona Marshall. Butters' mother snaps and tries to kill her son after the revelation that her husband frequents gay bath houses.

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As he is about to insert his penis into Butters' mouth, Butters' dad Stephen walks in on them and panics. After Cartman flees without waiting to explain, Stephen declares that Butters is bi-curious. Butters, totally unaware of what Cartman was planning to do, just asks him what that means. Stephen explains that it means that Butters is "confused".