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The first careful study—since the sketch by Leonardo da Vinci—of the interaction of male and female human genitals during coitus was published by Dickinson in 1933 (fig (fig2 2). 3 A glass test tube as big as a penis in erection inserted into the vagina of female subjects who were sexually aroused by clitoral stimulation (occasionally with

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For American artist Dani Lessnau, the gaze opened the door into uncharted realms in search of the things that a camera can capture that the human eye might otherwise miss. For her series of work titled extimité, Lessnau makes tiny pinhole cameras that she places in her vagina in order to take portraits of her lovers during private moments

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New York-based artist Dani Lessnau, 32, took a series of photos of her lovers from inside her vagina using tiny handmade pinhole cameras and 4x5 film.The process to produce each photo in the

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The hysteroscope is very slim (about 3 to 5 millimetres in diameter). It's carefully passed through the vagina and neck of the womb (cervix) and into your uterus. The hysteroscope has a video camera inside which sends pictures to a computer screen. This allows your doctor to check for any abnormalities inside your womb.

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Like this. This photo (that I found online) was taken during a speculoscopy. At the top and bottom of the photo you can see the upper and lower blades of a plastic speculum, which is a device that allows us to open the vaginal walls in order to ex

This artist puts a camera inside her vagina and takes photos

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File:Penis ejaculates inside a vagina.webm. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera

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camera inside the vaginaCamera Vibrator Documents Female Orgasm From The Inside “But what about what’s happening inside her vagina,” asked very few people. However, in case you have, the Svakom Gaga Intimate

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camera inside the vaginaThis video celebrates women's amazing orgasmic capacity - a capacity that is sadly untapped. The clitoris will always have a primary role in women's orgasmic journey. But different nerves are accessible within the vagina and different pleasures can be cultivated by knowledgeable, caring, and delicious touch in women's inner realms.

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Fingers are OK to put in your vagina, 11 Things You Should Never, EVER Put Inside Your Vagina. but you should probably invest in a sex toy that won't break inside you.


camera inside the vaginaPutting a camera inside your vagina to take photographs of people might sound like the most complicated thing in the world, but it kind of makes sense when you read why Dani Lessnau came up with this inventive and intimate method of photography. Related Story: Watch This Man With Selfie Stick Swim

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The video, simply titled, "camera inside of the vagina during sex in Missionary Position," shows a man and a woman having sex in missionary position, from the perspective of some very