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Late reply, but here I go. Ive seen a couple good Thai dramas one I just finished is about a bunch of couples, and one of the main guys is gay and meets a guy from his past that used to be in love with him! The other couples in the show are straight, couple of the guys got annoying but overall it was a really cute series with a happy ending.

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I wanted to watch some good k drama about same sex couples, i was just tired of all the boy-girl romance for a bit and wanted something different. Sadly, i haven't found ANY dramas about same sex couples.

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kdrama with gay coupleAre there any openly gay actors in the KDrama world? After watching the movie "Frozen Flower" I was impressed by the open nature of the subject matter of gay historic leaders. A couple of dramas have featured or at least touched upon LGBT issues.

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PARK will play Jae-ha, a stage actor who co-stars with a younger Kpop star in a stage play called Unchain. The characters they play become a gay couple and as both actors get more involved with tense rehearsals, reality and fiction begin to mingle. A veteran actor and an idol are starring together in a play called ‘Unchain’.

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kdrama with gay coupleThe first scene gets things out in the open, so to speak. The couple in 610, Do-Shi and Do-Ri, may not be married, but they goof off with each other like an old married couple. The gay guys upstairs, Joon-Jae and Takuya, inspired ardent fan devotion this summer, as measured in online fan-fiction and fan-made videos.

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kdrama with gay coupleAny gay kdramas (korean dramas) ? So I've seen quite a few gender bender type kdramas like Coffee Prince and You're Beautiful which were two of my many favorites, but are there any good gay kdramas? In other words, a Kdrama with the protaganist/main character being a homosexual.

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Kdrama is the most touching and real full of humor films but their ending is so sad that i don’t want to watch it any more, anyways i watched already the “beautiful life couple years a go and it was good also Ya-gan-bi-haeng (2014) was amazing film but very sad also most of your list.

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Gangchul watches Hogu while he is asleep. He then remembers Hogyeong's words that he would know for sure if he's gay if he kisses Hogu once again. Gangchul ends up kissing sleeping Hogu. Dohee

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kdrama with gay coupleAbout: A gay couple celebrated their fifth anniversary by staying at a hotel together. They filmed each other in this private and intimate setting throughout the stay, and rekindled their love and feelings for each other. However, as the day went on, things started to unravel, and they slowly realize that this could be their very last day together.