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Laura Dodsworth: Why I photographed 100 vulvas - BBC News

Directed by Jenny Ash. With Laura Dodsworth. A bold, feminist film about how the vagina has shaped our view of the world and the shame around female sexuality. Women from 19 to 77 years old talk about puberty, menstruation, birth, motherhood, infertility, menopause, pleasure, sex, pain, trauma, gender, sexuality, cancer, rape and FGM.

100 Vaginas review: A powerful and essential documentary

laura dodsworth vagina

An intimate and moving exploration of the vagina's definitive role in women's lives. Documentary artist Laura Dodsworth photographs women and hears their intimate, shocking, moving, powerful

Ep 41: Man and his Penis w/ Laura Dodsworth (NSFW Pictures

Hunched over the screen of Laura Dodsworth’s digital camera, the female volunteers were examining her crisp photographs of their vulvas. “Ewww! It looks like a slug!” "A pink cupcake

Photographer Laura Dodsworth shows what vulvas look like in

Ep 41: Man and his Penis w/ Laura Dodsworth (NSFW Pictures inside) October 23, 2017 October 23, 2017 Posted in Episodes Format Post format: Audio When the media, schools, and society at large speak the issues of body image and how it affects your self-esteem, we usually hear about from a female lens.

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This Woman Took Photos of 100 Penises and Learned Quite a Bit

Dodsworth's project is a simple but groundbreaking idea that gives women back a sense of ownership over their own bodies. --The Evening Standard About the Author. Laura Dodsworth is a photographer who specialises in projects that explore people: our loves, our lives and our place in the world.

100 Vaginas, review: far more than mere titillation – this

Laura Dodsworth - Powerful, moving, human stories told through photography , books and film .

Womanhood: The Bare Reality: Laura Dodsworth: Books

Womanhood departs from the ‘ideal vagina’ and presents the gentle un-airbrushed truth, allowing us to understand and celebrate our diversity. For the first time, 100 brave and beautiful women reveal their bodies and stories on their own terms, talking about how they feel about pleasure, sex, pain, trauma, birth, motherhood, menstruation

Laura Dodsworth on Twitter: "1. It's #vulva not #vagina 2

Photographer Laura Dodsworth has put together a book of photos of all different sorts of penises — long ones, short ones, skinny ones, fat ones, old ones, young ones, and every other sort of

This Woman Photographed 100 Vulvas To Educate The World & The

LIFE > Women Laura Dodsworth explains why she photographed 100 vulvas: ‘I’m using a physical taboo to open up social and emotional taboos’ ‘If you’re a straight woman, you might not have