no vittu sherlock

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no vittu sherlock

“I’m coming back,” he says firmly. I just slept outside his door, he wants to say, I held his hand yesterday and told him I was planting my feet. There’s no way in hell I’m backing out now. But Nancy’s watching them, and so is Joyce, and so Steve just hopes Max can feel the truth of what he’s trying to say. She nods again, sets

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Robin’s face goes soft. “Yeah, no shit, Sherlock,” she repeats quietly, looking at him with a tilted head. “I really have to go, because I now have a dinnertime curfew, because my parents now think that I’m the kind of person who would try to break into a mall, but. Are you gonna be good?”

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sherlock jorkka 26.5.2009. Nimitys jos isG älyn välätykCn. - oon pelle - no vittu SHIT SHERLOCK taas väläytät vitu apina

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No sh*t Sherlock. 24 May 2018 . Summer is nearing and I must say I do like a good read to go with my cocktail and sunshine… or more likely, pint indoors avoiding the rain, but whatever the weather, a good book is always a nice accompaniment. Add into the mix, a book by someone with a Croydon link, and you’re on to a winner.

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no vittu sherlock

They expected no ill-effects from the extra iron and sulphur ending up on the pasture. “That’s minor: environmental scientists have looked at it and it’s minimal. In fact a lot of the iron and sulphur break down while it’s still in the effluent pond,” said Thompson.

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no vittu sherlock

Otsikko: No shit sherlock. Runescapen vihaaja -kirja, jota on myyty ennätykselliset viisi kappaletta heti julkaisuvuotena. kuka vittu on Jonne Koskinen

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no vittu sherlock

A phrase often used towards someone who states the obvious.

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Mie blokkaan koko Sherlock tägin. Sinä saat olla ihan rauhassa sitä mieltä, että Sherlock on/oli paska, im fine with that. Mutta vittu edelleenkin minä en ole ok sen asian kanssa, että “fanit” ampuu koko sarjan alas ja koko tumppu palaa helvetin liekeissä ja lähetään soihtujen kanssa polttaamaan gatissin ja moffatin perseet.

No s**t Sherlock

no vittu sherlock

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no vittu sherlock

sherlock jorkka 26.5.2009. Nimitys jos isG älyn välätykCn. - oon pelle - no vittu SHIT SHERLOCK taas väläytät vitu apina

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Welcome to the official home of Sherlock on YouTube, relive Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson's adventures in 21st Century London in the thrilling, funny, f

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"Or your cigarette lighter, either will do." Sherlock said and Rose slowly smiled, knowing what Sherlock was doing. "I don't smoke." Eric said with a shake of his head. "No, I know you don't, but your employer does." Sherlock said and Eric's face darkened but he reached into his pocket and retrieved his lighter.